About the South West Vineyards Association.

Members of the SWVA are drawn from all ranks of those interested in growing vines for wine making.  Most of the big and the smaller commercial vineyards in our region are members and there are many who grow vines simply for their own satisfaction and have no interest to do so commercially.  Some members are not growers, but have a commercial interest in vine growing or wine making products or can provide a consultancy service to those who do.  Members  of the SWVA are automatically members of the UK Vineyards Association (the UKVA). 

Subscriptions are decided at the AGM and payable from 1st June.  Charges are made for meetings so as to help keep subs to a minimum.   The Association publishes two lists of members updated annually.  One lists everyone, but is private to members. The other list is of those who ‘trade’ and want publicity and is in the public domain.

The Year’s Events…

The aim of the Association is to provide a congenial forum for members to share their experiences and air their views.  There are usually two or three meetings a year: usually a Spring Meeting in March that  includes an AGM, sometimes a Summer Meeting in June, which is an opportunity for members to visit a member’s vineyard in another part of the Region, and an Annual Competition, which is judged to the highest national standards, is held in September.  

Organisation ...

The Association is run on a voluntary basis by a Committee elected from members at each AGM.  The Committee elects a Chairman and determines the direction of the Association.  The Committee organizes meetings and runs the Competition.

Rules of Association have been drawn up and are reviewed as necessary from time to time.  A twice yearly newsletter, The Vine Post, is distributed to members.

The aims of the Association include the promotion of SW wines and vineyards. In 2015 for the first time we ran trade tastings in Bristol and Exeter. We have in the past run a regional table at the English Wine Producers Trade Tasting in London, and offer help and support for sub-regional promotions (for example "Devon Wine Week" which runs during English Wine Week at the end of each May). We use this website to publicise and provide an online map of trading vineyards, and provide links to members' online sales pages through the "Buy SW Wines Onlin" page. We use our Twitter feed, @SWVineyardsUK to re-tweet members' tweets and publicise stories and events. Through the member network, joint buying arrangements can sometimes be made where bulk savings are worthwhile.

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