About the South West Vineyards Association.

Membership of the SWVA is open to all those interested in growing vines for wine making in the West of England. Our area includes Scilly, the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, the old Avon area, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. We also welcome members from Monmouthshire,who usually also belong to the Welsh Vineyards Association. Most of the commercial vineyards in our region are members and some who grow vines simply for their own satisfaction.  Some members are not growers. They are for example wineries making wine from bought-in English-grown grapes or under contract for small growers, or have another commercial interest in vine growing or English wines, perhaps as suppliers, or providing a consultancy service to growers and winemakers or as wine journalists/bloggers. 

Members  of the SWVA are automatically members of our parent organisation, Wines of Great Britain (WineGB), who, since January 2018, are handling membership subscriptions centrally and passing regional subs back to us. All subscriptions are payable to WineGB from 1st January each year.  Subscriptions for the region are additional to those for WineGB (and much lower) and are decided at the SWVA AGM.

The Year’s Events

The Association aims to provide a congenial forum for members to share their experiences and views.  There are usually two or three meetings a year: a Spring Meeting, usually in March, that includes our AGM, sometimes a Summer Meeting in June, which is an opportunity for members to visit another member’s vineyard and/or winery and in September we meet for the awards ceremony of our Annual Competition, which is a competition for members' wines, judged to international standards. We generally make a small charge for regional meetings to cover lunch and any venue costs, so that the costs fall on those that attend rather than the whole membership. Following the AGM in 2018, we shall, additionally, be running more frequent, low-cost, informal, discussion visits to member vineyards where we aim to get together and learn from each other.


The Association is run on a voluntary basis by a Committee elected from members at each AGM.  The Committee elects a Chair and the officers and determines the day-to-day direction of the Association, subject to policy decisions taken by the whole membership at the AGM.  The Committee organizes meetings, sometimes tasting events for the trade and/or public and runs the Competition. It also liaises with WineGB.

Rules of Association are reviewed as necessary from time to time and require a resolution of the AGM to agree any changes. 

The aims of the Association include the promotion of West of England wines and vineyards and this is becoming a more important aspect of the region's work as our industry matures. In 2015 and 2016 we ran trade tastings in Bristol and Exeter, in 2017 two of our Somerset growers shared a stand at the London Wine Fair. In 2018 we plan to run a Bristol tasting as a part of Bristol Food Connections and a regional table at the WineGB  Trade Tasting in London in April, and offer help and support for sub-regional promotions (for example "Devon Wine Week" which runs during English Wine Week at the end of each May).

Support for Trading Vineyards

We use this website to publicise and provide an online map of trading vineyards, and provide links to members' online sales pages through the "Buy SW Wines Online" page. We use our social feeds, Twitter @SWVineyardsUK, and Instagram @swva to re-tweet and regram members' posts. On Facebook.com/South West Vineyards we publicise stories and events. Keep in the know by following and "Liking" our feeds! Members signed into our members' area can create and maintain their own trading members entry. For inclusion in the map or the online sales tab, members should contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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